Lion Dance and Firecrackers - Celebrating CNY with Some Much-Loved Local Traditions!

News | 21 February 2024
Kicking off the Year of the Dragon, we celebrated with some much-loved local traditions, with a Lion dance in our HK office and firecrackers in Macau!
The lively performance brought real excitement, which signifies new beginnings and prosperity. The symbolic act of the Lion eating the "lettuce" is to attract good fortune and subsequently passed this onto our Partner, Tirso Olazabal!
Our team gathered outside the Macau office, where we lit 1000 firecrackers! This tradition is to scare away bad spirits to signal the start of a safe and prosperous new year, with red the colour of luck! David Silva Lopes had the honor of setting them off for all to see!  
We wish everyone a healthy and prosperous Year of the Dragon!