As the global insurance industry takes on a broader role in the financial system, new products and sales channels are being developed, and regulatory oversight and enforcement are increasing.

Our market-leading insurance team represents some of the world’s largest life and non-life insurers, reinsurers, pension fund managers, and intermediaries in the full range of advisory and contentious matters.

Our experience includes advising on market entry and greenfield licensing, acquisitions and structural reorganizations, portfolio transfers, product development and localization, distribution, policy review, and regulatory compliance. We work side-by-side with in-house legal and compliance teams to address client’s operational and regulatory needs in areas such as corporate governance, data and cyber protection, outsourcing and agency management, as well as on risk and capital-related matters.

We foster constructive relationships with regulatory authorities and often guide sector associations and other stakeholders in adapting to emerging regulatory and market trends. We closely monitor technology innovations that improve the efficiency of the industry.

On the disputes side, our team handles various claims disputes in general liability, director’s and officers’ liability, professional liability, cyber-risk, medical malpractice, product liability, business interruption and property damage. We also represent clients in administrative proceedings and investigations arising from regulatory infringements, as well as in agency force and other commercial disputes.