Our Mission

We are a forward-thinking law firm committed to creating lasting value in a world in constant transformation.

Our multicultural team is driven by its passion for the law and its dedication to protecting clients’ interests. We are relentless in the pursuit of technical excellence and of innovative legal solutions that help our clients stay ahead of the market. By understanding their ambitions and challenges, we become trusted advisors to leading businesses and entrepreneurs.

We have a proven track record, spanning from high stakes litigation to market-first transactions, across different markets and industry sectors. Our offices in Macau, Hong Kong and Lisbon are uniquely positioned to connect people and businesses across Greater China and the Portuguese speaking countries.

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Our Way of Being

Balance in Motion is the active connection of interdependent forces that defines our way of being. It is an equilibrium that is not static, but dynamic, attainable only through practice, movement, and direction. It demands adaptation, drive, and reliability. We believe that mastering these dynamics and adhering to the highest ethical principles leads to a sustainable and successful business.

In a world that is unpredictable and in constant transformation, MdME’s Balance in Motion is our commitment to the people around us, our clients, our colleagues, and members of the community.

Through Balance in Motion, we promote a culture of empowerment and empathy. We thrive on the strength of different perspectives and of a collaborative, dynamic environment. We aspire to create a lasting impact in the community.

Dynamic, never static
Collaborative, always Empathetic
Bold, but Reliable
Energetic, but Sophisticated

Balance in Motion



We embrace the richness of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, and acknowledge that these differences are what drive innovation and progress. Our inclusive culture actively promotes and celebrates the unique contributions of each team member, fostering a speak-up environment. By embracing multiculturality, we reflect the global landscape we serve and provide the most comprehensive solutions to our clients' diverse needs. We welcome and celebrate the multitude of perspectives that make our firm a vibrant and harmonious working community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognize our responsibility not only to our clients, but also to the broader community and to the legal profession itself. Our social initiatives are driven by a passion for making a positive impact on society.

We are dedicated to giving back to our community through pro bono legal services. We believe that access to justice is a fundamental right. We work tirelessly to ensure it becomes a reality for everyone, by volunteering our time and expertise to support persons and causes in need of legal assistance.

We are committed to nurturing the future of the legal profession. We believe in the potential of young legal minds and in helping it flourish. We are privileged to play a role in their development, through MdME Excellence, a scholarship program that recognizes and rewards the best law students in both Macau and Portugal.

Rankings & Awards

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has, over the years, garnered recognition and commendation from both clients and peers alike. Our firm and our individual attorneys are regularly recognized by the most respected independent legal rankings as leaders in their fields, across our multifaceted practice areas, such as: