Notarial Services

The civil law chattel system provides extensive notarial intervention in many transactions to make them enforceable towards third parties. With a particular emphasis on conveyance, the participation of a Notary is essential to contract validity and document certification.

Unique to the Macau Office, we have an in-house Notary Department led by accredited Private Notaries, who provide the full gamut of notarial services, such as:

  • Certification of signatures
  • Notarization of Powers-of-Attorney, certified copies, affidavits (sworn statements)
  • Property transactions
  • Mortgages
  • Probate documents
  • Divisions of assets between spouses or heirs
  • Perfection of public tender documentation
  • Assistance with securing apostilles and official certification of documents

Our Notary Team is included as panel authorized Notaries in all the major banks in Macau, allowing for expedited internal approval of financing documents, and works with most real estate developers and brokers as one of the preferred teams to help convey real estate property.