MdME Excellence - Scholarship Announcement

News | 18 August 2022

MdME Excellence - Scholarship Announcement

We are pleased to announce the launching of the MdME Excellence Scholarship, an annual merit-based scholarship awarded to promising students attending undergraduate studies in law at the University of Macau and reputed law schools in Portugal. The scholarship will provide both a monetary grant and an opportunity for successful applicants to learn on the job during a summer internship at MdME offices in Macau and/or Lisbon.

As part of MdME’s social responsibility program, the objectives of the MdME Excellence Scholarship are three-fold: (i) to recognize and reward Macau law students with top academic performance; (ii) to allow law students the opportunity to experience first-hand practice of law in Macau and/or Lisbon; (iii) to help law students decide whether they would like to pursue a career as a lawyer.

For the first edition of the scholarship, we are very pleased to announce the award of three MdME Excellence Scholarships to Ms Kong Ka Weng, Jasmine (1st prize, Macau), Ms Chan Weng Si, Karen (2nd prize, Macau), and Ms Lai Hiu Yan, Well (Portugal).

Jasmine and Karen read law at the University of Macau, while Well attends Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Escola de Lisboa). The three scholars are completing their undergraduate studies in law and will commence their summer internship at MdME offices in Macau and Lisbon prior to completing their final year of studies.

Our congratulations to Jasmine, Karen, and Well for their accomplishment, and we wish them all the best in completing their undergraduate studies.

The details and deadline for application for the 2023 edition of MdME Excellence will be announced in due course. For any queries, please contact our Talent Management Team at