Navigating Responsible Gaming in Macau: Key Takeaways from Macau Slot Workshop

Eventos | 27 Novembro 2023

Amanda Liu was invited to join as a panelist in a recent workshop hosted by Macau Slot covering the topic of Responsible Gaming among all age groups from a Macau legal perspective.

In response to the Macau Government's Responsible Gaming (RG) initiative of this year, titled 'Seeking Help for Winning the Future,' panelists from different professional backgrounds discussed this topic from various perspectives. Among others, Amanda introduced the existing measures imposed by Macau Law related to Responsible Gambling, such as casino entry restrictions, minimum age requirements for entering and working in casinos, and the 'Self-Exclusion' mechanism to help people with gambling disorders stay away from casinos. She also highlighted the gaming concessionaires' obligation to implement the annual responsible gambling plan in the context of Macau's new Gaming Law.

We want to thank Macau SLOT for extending the invitation.