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On September 14th, the Macau Government officially started the process of reviewing and proposing amendments to Macau’s Gaming Law (Law 16/2001). Since its introduction on the 24th of September, 2001, the Macau Gaming Law set out the framework for awarding casino concession contracts in the post-monopoly era. It also formed the legal basis for Macau to develop into the most successful gaming and entertainment destination in the world. By doing so, it played a pivotal role in the prosperity of this Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China throughout the past two decades.


Twenty years have pasted since the law was enacted and the gaming industry in Macau has developed beyond all expectations. At the same time, the political, social and economic circumstances that surrounded the initial approval of Macau’s Gaming Law have evolved, both at regional and national levels. Against this background, the initial concession contracts are set to expire in June 2022. The upcoming amendment to the Macau Gaming Law, and to the overall regulatory framework of casino gaming, will shape the way future concession contracts will be structured. More importantly, it will once again define the future of casino gaming in Macau and significantly impact the economic prosperity of the region for years to come.


The first phase of the amendment process is a public consultation that will run until October 29. During this period, private citizens and industry stakeholders may submit their views and opinions regarding the proposed areas of amendment to the gaming law. These are outlined in the consultation document published by the Macau Government.


In a series of insights offered by MdME, we will explore the key issues arising from the Amendment of Macau’s Gaming law. In this exercise we will analyze the government proposals within the existing legal framework and assess its appropriateness to achieve the underlying policy goals.

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